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Unrestricted Funds

Unrestricted Funds: Fund for the Common Good

Unrestricted endowed funds enable donors to meet community needs in perpetuity. Because our community is a fluid, changing entity, TTCF is unable to foresee its future needs. Income from unrestricted funds is used to make Community Grants to nonprofit organizations in order to meet the most pressing issues at the time.

By establishing an unrestricted fund, donors benefit from the Foundation’s investment expertise and monitoring services. Our program staff carefully monitors every Community Grant and ensures that funds are used appropriately.


  • Donors may establish a fund in honor of or in memory of a loved one or they may name the fund for themselves or for their family.
  • Because the fund is an endowment, it ensures that the Foundation will have resources to strategically benefit the community in perpetuity.
  • This type of fund enables the Foundation Committee to make grants to support the most pressing community needs.

For forms and more information on opening an Unrestricted Fund, Click Here.