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Special Projects

Special Projects

Speak Your Peace

Speak Your Peace is not a campaign to end disagreements.  Rather it is a campaign to improve communication by reminding ourselves of the basic principles of respect.  In 2009-10,  TTCF conducted a large community campaign to encourage people to use the nine tools of civility when engaged in public debate.  At that time, nearly every public body plus over 1,000 citizens signed up to practice civility using these tools.

Now each year during the week of of the birthday of Martin Luther King, we keep the spirit of Speak Your Peace alive to remind ourselves as a community of our desire to keep civility and respect in public dialog.

These tools are:

  • Pay attention
  • Listen
  • Be inclusive
  • No gossiping
  • Show respect
  • Be agreeable
  • Apologize
  • Give constructive criticism
  • Take responsibility