COVID-19 Community Response Framework

TTCF Community Response Framework: 3/23/20 (Framework will be periodically updated as needs change)

Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation, including the Community Collaborative of Tahoe Truckee, is working closely with our direct service providers to help support our community members during these difficult times.

We are mindful to not duplicate efforts or create more work for this important front-line workforce. This crisis is putting increased pressure on a small nonprofit sector that is designed to serve economic, social and health gaps of a much smaller portion of our community. Now, they must shift logistics and operations to scale to the unmet needs of the entire community. To facilitate conversations and identify needs, we have developed the following framework.


Community Response Framework

Food Accessibility Focusing on staffing to scale volunteer coordination and distribution operations. Ensure there are trucks/vehicles for food distribution and increase food handling supplies. Supplement existing food distributions with grocery gift cards.

Mental Health & Substance Use Focusing on increasing staff, specifically therapists and peer counselors. Investing in technology for virtual workforce and tele-therapy. Maintain youth specific programming and seek new on-line models to reach their needs.

Shelter and Housing Support staffing and supplies for shelters and homeless resources. Securing alternative living arrangements for “Safe House” needs. Providing rental assistance.

Essential Workforce Ensure that all measures are taken to protect, support and stabilize the frontline essential workforce. Work through existing partners to identify the size and need. Mobilize solutions to help keep them strong including but not limited to childcare needs, access to food, and mental health support.

Senior Care Ensuring there is staffing to support outreach and delivery. Coordination and delivery of critical supplies and food.

Census Count Identify opportunities to engage the community in a strong Census count of our community to ensure our share of public resources.

A small number of organizations have programs to fill the emerging need and many are restructuring their operations, adopting new protocols for the health of their staff and clients. Further coordination, alignment of resources and creative thinking needs to be applied to both stabilize and scale these important services. TTCF is sensitive to these needs and is responding by raising dollars through an Emergency Response Fund. If you have questions related to resources or funding that can support any of these efforts, please contact

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