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What is a Community Foundation

What is a Community Foundation?

We all want to save the world. As children we love super heroes, but idolize Superman and Wonder Woman for their inherent goodness. We want to be doctors not for large salaries, but to make people better. We stare awestruck at military uniforms because those people risk their lives for us.

We never lose this deep-seeded desire to help. As adults, we volunteer on boards, plant trees and mentor. We donate clothes and give an extra dollar to charity at the grocery store checkout. In a million little ways, we save the world.

The place we call home is often the best place to start and when you love your home as much as we do, there’s no better place to give. When we do it together, the impact is that much greater.

Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation (TTCF) was founded by people who love North Lake Tahoe – Truckee to ensure that, no matter what comes, there will always be an organization to keep our region safe and vibrant.

For eighteen years, alongside our donors and volunteers, TTCF has dedicated its efforts to building a more caring, creative and effective community. Our assets have grown to more than $25 million and we have awarded more than $22 million locally in grants and scholarships.

By acting as a community leader and attracting resources and partners, TTCF builds philanthropy and nonprofit resiliency in our region. Driving results based on measurable impact and inspiring action around our community’s top issues, TTCF catalyzes true, lasting solutions. We do it because we love it here, and maybe we want to be superheroes, too.

The Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation is a center of exchange for people to share resources, altruistic passions and neighborly kinship. Research ways to contribute.