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Program Director, Forest Futures

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The Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation is seeking a Program Director for our Forest Futures initiative. We are looking for a project director and seasoned facilitator with (1) deep knowledge in environmental philanthropy, climate critical priorities for the Sierra Nevada and (2) with the ability to swiftly integrate with our team and take on our fundraising strategy to lead our efforts to improve forest health through market-based solutions. Candidates should have a background in environmental science and experience managing collaborative projects with various partners and political nuances. Must have excellent communication skills, ability to manage multiple priorities, capable of understanding stakeholder needs and building trusting relationships. 

Estimated hours: 40 hours per week

Duties Include:

  • General Project Management
  • Work with TTCF leadership in fundraising and donor engagement 
  • Facilitating a variety of public meetings and internal working groups to drive strategy and execution of our program
  • Oversee communication personnel and consultants to ensure alignment of messaging, timely coordination of partners and transparent progress for community
  • Work with key stakeholders and consultants to engage community to both educate and inform
  • Position reports to CEO


  • Academic background & experience working in environmental science and climate action
  • Seasoned experience in community engagement efforts
  • 5 years minimum in role(s) in which facilitation is required
  • Experience in event management (large and small)
  • Ability to think innovatively and creatively
  • Proven experience in working across multiple agencies and stakeholders in a collaborative role
  • Strong data, research and analysis skills
  • Strong written and presentation skills
  • Experience in environmental philanthropy is a plus
  • Applicants of color are encouraged to apply

General Project Management: Estimated 10 hours per week

  • Build & maintain relationships on behalf of TTCF with key agencies and stakeholders 
  • Strategize and provide recommendations for collaboration and process
  • Oversee consultant contracts, timely and quality deliverables, and invoicing to TTCF
  • Develop deep understanding of the local, state and national efforts to address climate action, specifically through forest innovation by researching best practices, reading articles and books and approaching the work with interest and dedication of moving forward
  • Oversee and help develop public facing and donor reports, including narrative on outcomes and budget (quarterly)
  • Oversee quarterly production of dashboard with agreed upon metrics
  • Track and archive work products
  • Manage to and report on schedules and budgets

Meeting/Event Strategy and Facilitation: Estimated 10-15 hours per week

  • Host/Facilitate meetings and events (large and small)
  • Serve as the neutral, impartial facilitator of the various stakeholder meetings
  • Work closely with TTCF Community Impact Officer to design grant cycles specific to Forest Futures
  • Engage volunteers, entrepreneurs, investors and funders to mobilize strategy and support the work

Communications: Estimated 3-5 hours per week

  • Oversee all Forest Futures communication strategies
  • Oversee communications contracts with outside agencies that include website, email communications, digital storytelling and representation of Forest Futures information
  • Oversee overall communication effort for Forest Futures both internal among TTCF team, internal among key stakeholders and partners and externally with community and donors
  • Serve as lead spokesperson for Forest Futures
  • Work with partners to leverage communication platforms into the community

Community Outreach: Estimated 5-10 hours per week

  • Serve as the main community contact for Forest Futures inquiries
  • Serve on key Partner Agency task forces and working groups as determined by TTCF’s CEO
  • Attend key public meetings in which forest efforts that are aligned with TTCF’s interests are being discussed
  • Ensure that meetings and events are promoted in ways that are accessible to both community and donors.

Fundraising & Donor Engagement: Estimated 5-10 hours per week

  • Support fundraising activities
  • Seek and maintain corporate sponsors
  • Identify and oversee grant opportunities

To apply, send a professional statement of values and resume to