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Queen of Hearts: Areas of Impact

Queen of Hearts: A History of Impact

The Queen of Hearts Women’s Fund aligns its grantmaking with four areas of impact in order to best serve the collective interests of its membership and the needs of the region. Below we share our stories of impact. See a list of all our grants.

Health and Human Services

Established shortly before the recession, the Women’s Fund has deployed $119,500 into Health and Human Services organizations in our region. Without these dollars and the organizations granted, our home would be a very different place.

Grant dollars have funded organizations that feed our most vulnerable neighbors when they need it most and others that protect children exposed to or made victims of abuse. Our grants have helped shelter community members, defend their rights and taught them how to create viable economic futures. We see our region’s future as brighter than it already is and together we work hard to get us there.

Education & Youth Development

We have granted a total of $201,018 to programs serving our regional Education and Youth Development nonprofits. This comes as no surprise when over 60% of our membership rates this as the area most important to them.

Our grantees include mentoring programs that introduce high risk youth to positive role models and their deeper potential, literacy initiatives which have been nationally recognized, and after school programs that provide a productive and nurturing environment for students.  These programs inspire young people to rise above circumstances and breathe life into their greatest dreams.

Arts, Culture & Civic Benefit

In the last ten years, we have granted a total of $81,000 to enrich our region through programs and projects that concentrate in Arts, Culture and Civic Benefit.

These components add texture and vibrancy to our region for those who visit and live here, and strengthen our sense of community and self. Grantees include public art projects that honor our history and inspire our future, programs that guide local artists to create sustainable futures through unique skills and talents, and programs that welcome speakers, dancers and theater to our mountains. Our grants expand the minds of our residents and the conversations between them.

Environment, Recreation and Animal Welfare

Our community values animals and natural spaces for play and preservation. For this reason, our Women’s Fund has given $107,000 to programs that support these interests.

Our grantees have helped protect and manage open spaces and recreational paths as well as made these treasures more accessible to our young people and neighbors with limited mobility. Our dollars have funded programs that shelter and care for animals, and others that empower our youth through outdoor play and exploration. In a region so rich in resources, you strive to celebrate it with all community members.

Three-Year Grant Initiative

In 2012, The Queen of Hearts Women’s Fund signed up to support a three-year initiative to bring the award-winning program Aim High to our small mountain community. The goal of Aim High is to help under-resourced middle school students to “aim high” for high school and to “aim high” for life. Aim High’s summer program combines rigorous academics with a fun and highly supportive learning environment. The program began in San Francisco and has supported students and families for 30 summers.

Queen of Hearts members saw an opportunity to change the lives of our community’s youth and seeded the program $75,000. The goal was to join other funders in helping the program become self-sustainable, and five years later, it is.


Join fellow community members as we continue to advance our mission and serve our region. 

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