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Helping Students Achieve their Dreams through Scholarships

We partner with local scholarship committees to make more than 100 community scholarships available every year! TTCF provides an online platform with a common application. This helps more students attend college and vocational schools. Since 2017, TTCF donors have grown our own scholarships by nearly 400%!

The 2024 Scholarship Application cycle is open from January 15, 2024, to midnight on March 31st. To apply, click the button below.

Are you a scholarship recipient and need to claim or extend your award(s)? 

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Scholarships create a ripple effect.

A scholarship donor changes a life every year with the hope that a scholarship recipient changes the world forever.
Baird  Yulisa Mendez and daughter  e

Yulisa Mendez

"Education is something no one will ever take from you. Education is one of the most valuable things a person can have." Yulisa Mendez is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Social Work to help our community's vulnerable populations.

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Screenshot        e

Alina Rose Sabah

Asked about the importance of community scholarships, Alina Rose Sabah said they are the only ‘real’ scholarships as all the rest are just entering a sweepstakes. The scholarship committee chose the perfect recipient to honor the Robert "Fro" Frolich's legacy.

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Truckee High Trent Norman and Mom Alpine Winter Fdn


Trent Norman is working hard to graduate in three years. He plans to use the fourth year to work towards his masters. He says, "I am very honored to be the recipient of this award. In fact, I'm still very much in awe."

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Leslie Gonzalez e


"As a first-generation low-income student, all of the odds were against me. I am eternally grateful for how TTCF and your donors have helped me," Leslie said. She's been paying it forward at every opportunity ever since.

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