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Speak Your Peace Campaign

Speak Your Peace Campaign

A community promise since 2008 to live, play, and serve together.

In 2008, TTCF launched the Speak Your Peace (SYP) campaign to encourage civil discourse in civic engagement. More than 1,000 individuals and 40 regional institutions signed a pledge to adopt this framework. Upon community request, TTCF has revived and adapted SYP. It’s time to sign or recommit to the pledge!

A Community Promise

You love this place; so do we. You might notice we say that a lot. That is because there are so many of us who have our own unique history, experience, and vision for what Tahoe Truckee was, is, and should be. To expect for all of us to think alike would not be reasonable or honor who we are.

Working together isn’t always easy. It can be made a lot easier when we all adopt to a similar framework for civil civic discourse, making room for everyone’s voice to be heard.

In 2008, TTCF introduced the Speak Your Peace Campaign to Tahoe Truckee. More than 1,000 individuals and 40 institutions adopted the 9 principle framework. You probably have heard the framework read aloud at a community convening, or seen the posters around the region.

Upon community request, TTCF is reintroducing the Speak Your Peace campaign! It’s time for us all to recommit to the pledge!



It's not what you say, it's how you say it.

Speak Your Peace: A community promise since 2008 to live, play, and serve together. 

  1. Pay attention. Be present and engaged with the topics being discussed.
  2. Listen. Genuinely focus on others as they speak so that you may better understand their perspectives.
  3. Be Inclusive. Welcome all points of view, every individual, and all groups of citizens working for the greater good.
  4. Don’t Gossip. And do not accept when others do. Speaking with consideration and kindness is at the heart of civil behavior.
  5. Show Respect. Honor other people and their opinions, especially in the midst of disagreement.
  6. Be Open Minded. Consider that different points of view can build a stronger solution. 
  7. Seek Common Ground. Create stronger collaborative relationships and find a path forward.
  8. Give constructive criticism. Intend to help, not to humiliate or attack.
  9. Take responsibility. Have the courage to admit when you don’t know something, and don’t shift responsibility or blame others.

Actions You Can Take

Download and print the Speak Your Peace 2024 Flyer.

Sign the Pledge  Please note: you must be authorized by a Board resolution to sign on behalf of an organization.

Request a TTCF Board Member/Staff Team to present at your board or public meeting by emailing