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Impact Investing

Impact Investing invigorates our local economy

Putting our portfolio where our community is

As our economy grows, our future gets brighter. That means more living wage jobs, young families buying homes, better infrastructure, more engaged citizens.

Impact investing is more than profit. TTCF invests in local businesses and opportunities that also have measurable, positive social and/or environmental impacts.

Our region needs a new type of investment

Our region needs a new type of investor

Rural regions often lack the money that urban and suburban areas have. Government funding, private investment, and philanthropy dollars overlook communities like ours.

Rural areas receive less than 5% of all philanthropic dollars

This means less access to healthcare and mental health services, high rates of hunger, and less opportunity.

Large banks and private investors overlook Rural America

Rural areas are on a smaller-scale and are less intriguing to private investors. Therefore, our local businesses, developers, and entrepreneurs receive few private investments.

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Most individuals donate where they live

While our visitors and part-time residents love Tahoe-Truckee, they often forget to invest here. Local nonprofits have had trouble unlocking the wealth of part-time residents.

Investing in local solutions

$5.3 Million and counting

TTCF thinks differently about our money. We use part of our endowment towards local projects. So far, we’ve helped build achievable local housing, keep nonprofits in service, invested in rural regions, and more.

TTCF led the regional charge to purchase a motel in 2012. We renovated it and established Community House to offer multiple services at a central hub.

A safe haven for residents

In 2013, our region nearly lost three of our critical service providers who could no longer afford rent prices.

TTCF lead the community charge to purchase and renovate a motel in Kings Beach. That motel became Community House: the shared office space of three of our safety net organizations.


Learn more about Community House
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TTCF invests in our own region. We work to increase the flow of funds by leveraging dollars and smart investments.

Business that benefits society, environment, and economy

All our Nature Fund dollars are invested in an ESG fund. These funds support businesses that are socially and environmentally responsible, with good leadership at the helm. We see this as an investment in the world we wish to build.

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More homes for residents

We invested our dollars to represent community support for the Truckee Artist Lofts. This “soft financing” helped secure the tax credits necessary to push the project through. More than 70 units for artists broke ground in 2019 and opened in 2021.

Read more about the Truckee Artist Lofts