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Fund Administration

Since our establishment in 1998, TTCF has responsibly managed the philanthropic contributions of thousands of donors.  An important priority for us is the balance between long-term investment strategies which guarantee a charitable dollars in perpetuity, and the maximization of funds available today so that we can steward resources into our community now.

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The EJ Tegner Foundation is a memorial fund held at TTCF. An annual golf tournament raises funds for programs for youth in golf.

Alternatives to Private Foundations or Commercial Charitable Funds

Some clients believe that a private foundation provides their only option for long-term involvement with their charitable assets. In reality, a named fund or supporting organization at a community foundation offers numerous advantages. It provides real ways for clients to stay engaged in giving and avoids many of the hassles of private foundation management.

Explore the information in this section to look at these charitable giving options. Private Foundation, For-Profit Gift Funds, or Donor Advised Fund?

Hannah Sullivan, Tom Powell, Lauren Obrien, Stacy Caldwell, Wally Auerbach Our staff and Board work hard for our donors and community.

Transferring a Private Foundation to TTCF

If your client has an existing private foundation, they may find several benefits to transferring it to an advised fund with TTCF.  Through a simple transfer process, your client may be able to avoid some of the hassles (and costs) of private foundation management.

There are two options to consider: the Donor Advised Fund option and the Support Organization option. Both allow your clients to remain involved in grantmaking if they want and to maintain their intent, name, and pattern of giving—in perpetuity if they wish.

I wanted to use an organization that was really involved with the community, experienced, and successful. I wanted to do three things: honor my husband E.J, help the youth golf community, and rely on a respectable and knowledgeable organization to accomplish this. TTCF has provided all of these and I am so grateful to them for that! I really didn’t know what to do but they made it easy.

Marilyn Wood
Founder of the E.J. Tegner "Let's Bet on Youth" Fund

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