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Our Mission

We connect people and opportunities, generating resources to build a more caring, creative, and effective community. 

While attracting philanthropic resources is one of our primary areas of focus… without consistent strategy and leadership, money will not go anywhere. We pride ourselves in connecting donors to causes they love, supporting nonprofits through grants and training, and connecting community leaders to collaborate on strategy. This ensures that our grantmaking and resources we attract to our region are aligned and effective.

When you partner with TTCF, our knowledge and expertise helps ensure your generosity has the greatest impact in our community.

What is a Community Foundation

Connecting your passion to positive impact

A community foundation is a philanthropic organization dedicated to improving the lives and environment of a particular area. They play a key role in identifying and addressing the needs of their region and responding with resources and solutions.

Beyond grantmaking and scholarships, TTCF has identified four initiatives unique to our community to focus special attention on: family strengthening, forest health, housing and impact investing. Within each of these four initiatives, we have convened a group of stakeholders to work together and tackle these challenges in our community that require more than one agency or grant to solve. This has provided an opportunity to build trusted relationships and capacity



Anyone with a heart and a passion for North Tahoe can be a donor. Every gift, be it a one-time donation, a large endowment or a herd of cattle, is a valuable contribution to our community.


We carefully steward donor gifts into the community through annual grant cycles, community initiatives and strengthening nonprofit organizations.

Community Impact

Together, we positively impact every child and adult, as well as the natural environment and the culture of our community.

Collective Giving

We can make a bigger difference when we pool our gifts for the community.

How We Work

We lead

Using our knowledge and diverse relationships, we convene partners around our community’s top issues to inspire giving and lead the way.

We build valuable relationships

By partnering with donors and nonprofits, we build philanthropy and nonprofit resiliency in our region.

We rely on data and research

We drive results based on real numbers and metrics in our own community to develop the right programs and solutions.

We love Tahoe Truckee as much as you do

This is our home, and we spend every day working to protect and nurture it.

Do you share a passion for empowering our community?

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Our Impact and History

We make a bigger difference together

TTCF works with the public, private, and philanthropic sectors.

Like most of Rural America, our region has limited philanthropic resources. Working together helps us overcome our challenges.
TTCF works with donors, nonprofits, community partners, local governments, and funders from outside our region. When we all bring our ideas, time, and resources together- we make Tahoe Truckee a better place to live and visit.

Generosity from the Start

A portrait of William Hewlett, our founder, collecting wildflowers in Truckee. TTCF commissioned this painting to celebrate our 20 year anniversary and presented it to his sons Walter and Erik.

William Hewlett, a longtime lover of Truckee, challenged our community to match a $1 million donation. We did, and he gave us another $1 million!  Those endowed funds are the basis of our grant cycles still. We’ve continued to increase those dollars and add more funds, including the Queen of Hearts Women’s Fund, the Nature Fund, and the Tahoe Donner Giving Fund. Learn more about the foundation’s history.

  • 1900s
    • William Hewlett vacations from childhood through grandfather-hood in Tahoe-Truckee
  • 1995
    • William Hewlett challenges the North Tahoe-Truckee community with a $1 million match to start a community foundation
    • The community matches the $1 million and Hewlett adds another $1 million
    • Truckee Tahoe Community Foundation opens its doors
    • TTCF and CCTT partner with S.H. Cowell Foundation
  • 2000
    • Hands on Tahoe connects community members to nonprofit volunteer positions
  • 2005
    • Grantmaking exceeds $1 million to local nonprofits
    • Donors raise $1 million to start dedicated fund to preserve our environment for the Nature Fund
    • Over 1,000 women give $1,000 each to raise over $1 million to start the Queen of Hearts Women’s Fund
    • Mountain resorts partner with TTCF to develop the Community Ski Pass to support TTCF's mission
    • TTCF, CCTT, and Parasol Collaborative partner to host a nonprofit capacity building board of directors training series
    • CCTT produces first Tahoe Truckee Community Report Card
    • TTCF helps facilitate Mental Health Services Act grant cycle
    • Call to Action: $115,000 raised in one day for critical needs nonprofits during economic downturn
  • 2010
    • First scholarship cycle: $18,000 to graduating high school seniors
    • 60th grant cycle with community volunteers
    • TTCF makes an impact investment and leads a capital campaign to build Community House
    • TTCF celebrates 15th Anniversary and $20 million given locally
    • Tahoe Truckee Reads literacy campaign launches, community named All American City
    • Mountain resorts partner with TTCF to launch Tahoe50 Giving Club.
    • First Annual Give Back Tahoe Giving Season in 2014
    • Girls Giving Back, a youth philanthropy project, launches
  • 2015
    • Nonprofit Board Training Series launches
    • 2016 Regional Housing Needs Assessment
    • 2017 Impact Agenda Launched
    • On the Verge Leadership Program pilot cohort completes first year to strengthen local nonprofits
    • Jumpstart Accelerator Program with Network for Good pilot program
    • Mountain Housing Council of Tahoe Truckee launches in 2017 to accelerate solutions
    • TTCF and CCTT partner with the Katz Amsterdam Foundation to support regional Mental Health efforts
    • Forest Futures Program focuses on innovative solutions to forest health
    • TTCF celebrates 20th Anniversary
    • Donors double TTCF scholarship funds two years in a row
    • 2019 scholarship awards exceed $1 million
    • The Giving Exchange begins engaging more second homeowners in local philantrhopy
    • Give Back Tahoe Giving Season celebrates over $2 million in collective giving