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Give Back Tahoe

Give Back Tahoe: For Local Nonprofits

Increasing capacity, fundraising, and finding volunteers for your cause

To answer common needs of our local nonprofits, TTCF provides Give Back Tahoe free of charge including:

  • An online volunteer platform
  • The Annual Give Back Tahoe Giving Season to raise funds as a community
  • Resources and trainings to grow skills in fundraising, marketing, and donor cultivation

2020 Giving Season: December 1-15

Are you a local business? Give Back Tahoe Business Sponsors don’t have to choose just one nonprofit to support.

Their donations benefit over 50 nonprofits and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars every year!

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Since 2014, TTCF’s Give Back Tahoe Giving Season has raised over $2 million for local nonprofits

On the following site, find volunteer opportunities year-round. During the Giving Season, donate to local nonprofits and help them win cash prizes. If you’re a nonprofit, sign up to participate!

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