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Forest Futures

Creative Solutions for our Forests

2020 was the largest wildfire season in California and the 2021 season began 60 days earlier due to drought conditions. Our forests need our help. We need to think differently (and act quickly) about how we can prevent wildfire, cultivate a sustainable new economy related to the forest for our region and make progress towards climate goals.

Our Forest Futures program envisions:

  • Creating a Forest Venture Lab to fuel innovation
  • Cultivating a sustainable new economy for our region
  • Local workers earning living, full-time wages
  • A safer community and healthier forests

149 Million Dead Trees, Catastrophic Wildfire, a Changing Climate

800,000 piles of dead trees and branches in our forest

A century of fire suppression and limited resources for restoration projects have left our forests overcrowded and in danger of wildfire.

Weather patterns are changing our mountains

Long droughts, more dangerous fire seasons, inconsistent snow patterns. We need to adapt to our new norms.

A lack of local and state-wide infrastructure

We need the infrastructure to remove biomass in a more economic and efficient way. Most mills and plants shut down a long time ago because they were not sustainable.

Convening experts and fueling innovation

Forest Futures Salon Series

When unlike-minded people engage in productive conversations, they innovate and find a solution that sticks. Our Forest Futures Salon Series brings together scientists, investors, policymakers, artists and entrepreneurs together to work towards forest solutions. We have covered a variety of topics including biomass, wood product innovation, carbon sequestration technology, project funding and more.

Learn More About Our Salon Series

Forest Venture Lab

The Forest Venture Lab will build companies that provide business solutions for our woody biomass. The Forest Venture Lab will originate, develop and grow new ventures. The Lab will match entrepreneurs with opportunities with financial, social, and environmental returns. These scalable solutions can create market demand and be used in other rural forested communities. The lab will focus on:
  • Sustainable climate action
  • Land stewardship
  • Forest health
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Converting existing woody biomass to higher-value products and services

Fueling Innovation 

The Forest Futures Fund was established in 2019 to fund innovative solutions. It will take private, public, and philanthropic funding to act quickly enough to protect our forests. Donate today to help us make a $200,000 match for forest solutions.

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