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Forest Futures

Our Forest Futures campaign will ensure healthy forests today, tomorrow, and forever— to unlock the innovation and resources that hold the potential to solve our communities’ underlying forest restoration and management issues. We have a responsibility to join together to implement progressive solutions to ensure forest health for generations to come.

Forest Futures will identify, build, accelerate, and scale the solutions we need; setting in motion a series of projects, initiatives and funding mechanisms to achieve these essential goals. See our Impact Strategy. 

Why Us?

Why Us?

We Are Ready to Meet this Challenge

25 years of success tackling complex community issues

4 years, 97 multi-disciplinary experts and advisers joined us to form our strategy and action plan

$1MM+ granted to regional organizations for environmental projects and education through our Nature Fund

Received national recognition by Inside Philanthropy for our vision to create market-based solutions for forest health

Convening experts and fueling innovation

Forest Futures Salons

When unlike-minded people engage in productive conversations, they innovate and find a solution that sticks. Our salons bring together scientists, investors, policymakers, artists and entrepreneurs together to work towards forest solutions. We have covered a variety of topics including biomass, wood product innovation, carbon sequestration technology, project funding and more.

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What You Can Do

Join us in acting on behalf of Tahoe’s forests and all those who depend on them. Join us to build a new kind of ecosystem—an ecosystem of people, ideas, solutions and investment—that will give us the means to protect and restore the most valuable ecosystem of all: our forests.