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Support Local Students

Scholarships are based on merit, need, area of study, or other criteria

Each year, we read so many inspiring scholarship applications but we never have enough money to award. Your donation to the community scholarship fund helps another student pursue their dreams through college or vocational school.

2023 highlights:

  • $1,510,700 awarded
  • 137 recipients

2022 highlights:

  • $1,351,917 awarded
  • 121 recipients

A seamless process

Tahoe Truckee donors believe in the power of supporting our future leaders. From 2017 to 2024, local scholarships have increased from $264,250 to more than $1.5 Million!

TTCF makes the application process as seamless as possible for those donors who want to participate in our process! Since 2017, we have provided software to streamline the individual written application process into an online common application– free of charge to all participating local scholarship providers. This allows local students to apply for multiple scholarships — managed by TTCF and other local groups — through a single application. When a scholarship requires supplemental information, it alerts the student and ensures everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. We provide the software, manage the application process, set up the individual committees, and assign the eligible applications to each reviewer. While each scholarship committee runs its own independent review and decision process, the committees collaborate to ensure funds are distributed equitably among applicants.


Learn about more than 100 existing scholarships

Your neighbors and friends have already opened more than 100 scholarships. In 2023, they awarded over $1.5 million to 137 graduating high school seniors.

Behind every scholarship, there’s a story and intention. That could be honoring a loved one, encouraging those in a specific discipline, or giving a hand up to a worthy student. Learn more below.

Express your optimism for the future.

Contribute to a Scholarship Fund or to TTCF's Community Scholarship Fund

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