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Become a Business Partner

Philanthropy for big and small businesses

Simple ways to give and get back to business

Our region has over 100 active nonprofits. That is a lot of opportunity to give back. Sometimes, you know exactly what you want to do and who to give to.

Other times, you want an easy way to give, trust you’ll make a difference, and get back to business.

Why businesses give back to their communities

Happier employees, more clients, leading through example.

Consumers and employees expect businesses to be socially and environmentally responsible. When you show you care through action, your attract clients/customers. Your employees are happier and stay longer.  

As a business owner, you can build greater purpose into your business. You can lead through example.

Logo Concepts

Tahoe50 Resort Partners

Donate access and perks to engage high-networth philanthropists.

Many second homeowners and vacationers donate at home. They forget to donate here. Tahoe50 changes that. You donate access and perks, Tahoe50 donors give tens of thousands of dollars. 100% of their donations stay here.

See what other resorts give through the Tahoe50 Giving Club
noun Family

Business Supporter Program

Give a portion of your direct sales however you choose.

A great gift to your clients/customers, and a great gift to the community. Example in action:
Realtors donate a portion of their sales to the nonprofit or granting area their clients choose

Schedule a 1:1 conversation about your business philanthropy with Stacy Caldwell, our CEO
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Give Back Tahoe Giving Season Challenge Grant Donor

Inspire thousands of people

Inspire thousands of people to give. Help raise A LOT of money. Show your community you care. Contribute to a pool of prize money that awards nonprofits for winning fundraising competitions.

Want to learn more about last season’s challenge grant structure and Giving Season?

Donate to the Give Back Tahoe Giving Season Challenge Grants
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Give Back Tahoe Giving Season Business Sponsor

$1,000 to benefit 50+ nonprofits at once

Drive a campaign that benefits 50+ nonprofits. Help leverage hundreds of thousands of dollars. Connect your business to a great, visible cause. See your donation go up to 500x as far.

Sponsor the Give Back Tahoe Giving Season
Want to know what type of impact you could have?
noun education grant

Help Local Youth through Scholarships

Use the success of your dream to help someone attain theirs.

Help a graduating high school senior pay for higher education.
You can:
-Contribute to TTCF’s community scholarships pool, we do the rest
-Open a new scholarship fund with your criteria, we’ll work with you

Learn how to Start a New Scholarship Fund
Browse Current Scholarship Funds

People move here because they really want to be here. They have different passions. This is a way to help them fulfill those passions and become a part of the community.

Christy Curtis, Team Tahoe
Business Supporter, Team Tahoe donates a portion of home sale price in the name of new residents