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You love this place. So do we.

Join Us. Invest In North Tahoe-Truckee’s Future.

Imagine a thriving community. A place where every person has a home, families are healthy, the environment is protected, and business booms.

Our Goal is to Attract $100 Million to our Region

2020 Impact Agenda Update: TTCF has helped attract $66,500,000+ to our region!

As beautiful as Tahoe-Truckee is, the need for investment is all around. Imagine if our region had the resources it needed for all our families, communities, and natural resources. What a difference it would make for all who live and visit here.

Now and forever.

These are our tools. Using philanthropic, private, and public funding, we can build a more resilient, thriving, and sustainable future TOGETHER.

Guided by our 5 year strategic plan, TTCF produced a special publication in place of an annual report in 2017.

View our Impact Agenda.

Our Roles



Trusted in our community for over twenty years, TTCF gathers unlike-minded people to create innovative solutions. We create a space where we can all be heard.


TTCF matches investors, businesses, and organizations with opportunities. Together, everyone achieves their goals. Always for the benefit of our community.

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TTCF invests in our region. We channel our dollars into grantmaking, scholarships, and smart impact investments.  

Systems Engineer

With a bird’s eye view, TTCF sees the big picture. We use our expertise and close community relationships to create strategic and fearless change.

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Our Impact Agenda

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Strengthen families through community collaboration

We believe children and adults deserve safety, health, and happiness. Our program the Community Collaborative of Tahoe Truckee (CCTT) is focused on achieving that goal. CCTT’s forty-five agencies work together to serve our families and advocate for our community. For over 20 years, TTCF and CCTT have been building a stronger safety net for our residents.

Learn more about what we’re doing for local families.

Do you share our passion for supporting local families and individuals?

Give Now to support the Community Collaborative of Tahoe Truckee

Expand Housing for the People of Tahoe-Truckee

Affordable, stable housing for all residents is critical to community health. Truckee’s housing costs are  300% of the national average. We want our families and workers to have homes. We want to preserve our local culture and environment. By working with community leaders, we invest smarter in our community.

TTCF made an impact investment to soft-finance the Truckee Railyard Artists Lofts. This helped secure 70+ achievable local units to keep our artist community.

Learn more about our campaigns to expand housing.

Do you want to help house our community?

Give Now to the Housing Solutions Fund
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Seek market-based solutions for forest health

Our forests are in danger. They are overcrowded with piles of dead and dying trees and branches. We can heal our local forests. We can save ourselves from wildfire and address climate heating. We can also improve our local economy. TTCF is exploring business solutions to help our forests and create sustainable jobs.

TTCF convenes diverse experts to explore market-based solutions through our Forest Futures program.

Get more details about our creative forest health solutions.

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Give Now to the Forest Futures Fund
TTCF led the regional charge to purchase a motel in 2012. We renovated it and established Community House to offer multiple services at a central hub.

Impact Investing to Invigorate our Community

Less than 5% of charitable dollars go to rural regions. Private investment rarely does. TTCF uses impact investments to support our community through promising opportunities. We also help match funders with causes that align with our shared vision of a better tomorrow.

Our community needs smart investments. TTCF uses our dollars to invest in our community.

Do you share our passion for empowering our community?

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