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Community Collaborative of Tahoe Truckee (CCTT)

Working together for our community

For more than 20 years, the Community Collaborative of Tahoe Truckee (CCTT) has worked to improve our community’s health, education, and safety. Now, more people are fed, sheltered, and connected with the help they need.

CCTT does this by:

    • Nurturing leaders: In its fourth year, the OTV Leadership Program has trained 35 nonprofit professionals
    • Connecting Leaders to Issues: Monthly meetings focus on pressing topics and collaborative solutions
    • Representing our Community: In a region with 4 jurisdictions and 17 special districts, CCTT gives voice to community needs at decision-making tables and drives more resources to the issues 

Success over the Years

CCTT has been a program of TTCF since 2008. It is comprised of more than 45 health, education, and social service organizations and coalitions. CCTT works closely with TTCF in our shared office space on strategy development, fundraising, evaluation reporting, and the publication of Issue Briefs. 

CCTT listens to the stories of our local people and gives them a voice. CCTT measures and tracks data over time to respond strategically to pressing issues. By meeting regularly and sharing resources, CCTT’s partners create long-lasting change through community coalitions and collective action.

Social problems aren't simple

Health is impacted by many factors

To measure health, CCTT looks at:

  • Where people live
  • Educational opportunities
  • Access to transportation
  • Occupations
  • Languages spoken
  • Access to healthcare
  • Diet and exercise
  • Family dynamics
  • And more…

A collaborative approach to a healthier community

The True Story of our Community

We measure community health indicators over time. This shows us how our region is performing in certain areas. It helps us respond to trends like poverty, housing insecurity, suicide, and substance abuse. Through data and storytelling, we share what CCTT partners are doing to move the needle on some of our local challenges. CCTT published a reformatted and updated Issue Brief to tell the true story of our community.

OTV 2016/2017 graduates

On the Verge Development for Nonprofit Leaders

Working in family strengthening is stressful. Nonprofit employees experience burn out. To keep talent and serve our community, CCTT provides OTV- a year-long training for professionals. OTV helps leaders grow personally and professionally and also strengthens networks.

OTV Nonprofit Training

Community Collaborative of Tahoe Truckee Partners and Coalitions

Community Collaborative Partner List