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We are stewards of a unique and fragile resource

The Sierra Nevada is critical infrastructure—not just for our communities in the region but for the state, the country and for the planet. The Sierra is home to:

  • one of the world’s most diverse watersheds, providing nearly 60% of the state’s water supply.
  • some of the most massive, ancient and important trees on the planet, storing as much or more carbon per acre as rainforests.

TTCF launched Forest Futures to convene stakeholders, build community engagement and originate bold new solutions to protect our land. To learn more about these solutions, visit our Forest Futures page.

The Time is Now

In 2020, over 4 million acres of land burned in California.
The impact of these megafires is felt statewide—in water quality and quantity, biodiversity, carbon and climate outcomes, human health, economic devastation, community and ecological resilience, and much more.

We have a responsibility to join together to implement progressive solutions to ensure forest health for generations to come.

Donate to Forest Futures

800,000 piles of dead trees and branches in Tahoe's forest

noun wildfire

60 day increase in length of fire season across the Sierras

noun California

5 of the largest fires in California's history ignited in 2020

Nature Fund

10+ Years of Environmental Grantmaking & Relationship Building

Since 2008, TTCF has provided grants to environmental nonprofits through our Nature Fund. Our seasoned grantmaking has helped us build trusted relationships with more than 15 environmental organizations whose vision and mission are dedicated to the programs and projects that impact our community and forests. Each year, we aim to award $120,000 to organizations that help advance:

  • Forest resiliency
  • Healthy land, water, and air
  • Vibrant fish and wildlife populations
  • Accessible open space
  • Education