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Our forests need protection

Our forests and mountains are at the center of our economy, lifestyle, and culture. But they have been mismanaged for too long and desperately need our help. Our community is identified as one of the top ten at-risk of wildfire in California. As the people of this land, it’s our job to take care of our forests forever. 

TTCF launched the Forest Futures program to convene stakeholders, build community engagement and originate bold new solutions to protect our land.

Creative solutions can protect them

Our forests are overcrowded with trees and piles of timber debris. After years of drought, disease and bark beetle can easily kill our forests. The risk of wildfire grows and threatens our entire community.

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149 million trees have died in in California since 2010

There are 800,000 piles of dead trees and limbs awaiting removal in our forests. Some as big as two-story buildings. The Forest Service can't keep up with the need.

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7 of the 10 deadliest fires in California's history have occurred in the last four years

Tahoe-Truckee is at high risk of wildfire, with CalFire naming Kings Beach as one of the top ten highest risk communities

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Forest health and resiliency in Tahoe-Truckee significantly impacts all of California.

California’s 2018 wildfires emitted sequestered CO2, produced toxic smoke in our city centers, and polluted our watersheds.

Putting our trees to work

There are opportunities in our forest health crisis. We see business solutions. We see a new economy for our region and forested communities all over California and the world.

Convening diverse experts at the Forest Futures Salon Series

We bring scientists, investors, policymakers, artists and entrepreneurs together to work towards solutions. By convening these experts we can catalyze a successful biomass economy locally and state-wide.

Since its launch in 2018, TTCF has hosted 9 Forest Futures Salons.

Attend an upcoming Forest Futures Salon

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Fueling Innovative Social Ventures

We need a new approach to accelerate long-term demand for the wood biomass in our forests. In 2019, we opened a Forest Futures Fund to fund solutions to our forest challenges.

Help us make our $200,000 match!

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Forest Venture Lab

Launched in 2020, the Forest Venture Lab will originate, develop, and grow new ventures.
The Forest Venture Lab will match entrepreneurs with forest-focused business opportunities.
Our focus:
  • financial, social, and environmental returns
  • sustainable climate action initiatives
  • converting woody biomass to higher-value products and services
Learn more about our Forest Futures program.