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Since 1999, the Community Foundation has allocated over $21 million in grants and donor advised funds to local initiatives, nonprofit organizations, and youth scholarships across four areas of impact. Each year, TTCF stewards over $1 million into the local community. We are constantly exploring and developing new means by which to amplify our impact on Tahoe-Truckee and to approach the arenas that most need community attention. Of course, our grantmaking would not be possible without the generous philanthropists who entrust their charitable giving to Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation.

Arts, Culture, and Civic Life

North Tahoe-Truckee citizens and visitors may have an unparalleled enthusiasm for year-round sports, but that’s not our only passion. We sing, we dance, we create, and we have a long history we are proud to share. Creativity and invention feed our souls and TTCF helps provide the fuel by supporting programs that:

  • Cultivate growing participation in the arts and cultural experiences for adults and children alike, as well as produce inspiring art events that invite local and visiting audiences.
  • Impart the unique history of our region to residents and visitors to maintain a fervent community legacy.
  • Build a stronger community through enhancing regional cultural institutions.

Education and Youth Development

The future of every community lies within the potential of its children. TTCF believes in the importance of nurturing the development of our youth and to unveiling to our young people the vast possibilities available to them. TTCF supports programs that:

  • Encourage student success at home, school, and in the community through youth development programming.
  • Support early literacy skills, school readiness, and school success in order to close the achievement gap for good.
  • Provide parents with information, training, and support.

Health and Human Services

North Tahoe-Truckee is a community of neighbors who are connected not merely through geography, but through our shared humanity. For this reason, we believe that we all must address the needs of every community member, especially when they need us most. TTCF supports programs in the health and human service fields that:

  • Maintain the safety net in order to meet the basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, etc. for all local residents.
  • Increase access to preventative care, intervention, and case management to keep people out of crisis and help those who are in crisis.

Environment, Recreation, and Animal Welfare

People live and visit Tahoe because of their genuine love for the mountains, the alpine lakes, the forests, and the natural wonders of wild life. Throughout our community, there is a broad respect for nature and the creatures we share our lives with, and we work hard to protect them. TTCF supports programs that propagate this love of nature and that:

  • Educate local youth on the eco-systems of our region and increase their awareness of environmental issues.
  • Protect and restore the local environment.
  • Protect native wildlife and improve the lives of domestic pets.
  • Increase access to recreational activities while safeguarding against negative impact on the environment.

To learn more about Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation, our projects, and donors, check out our 15 Year Impact Report!

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