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TTCF Supports Measure T- Truckee’s Wildfire Protection Measure

Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation
Published on August 24, 2021

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Written by Stacy Caldwell, CEO of TTCF & Hannah Sullivan, Board Chair of TTCF

For the first time since 2008, the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation has endorsed a measure, and the decision was not taken lightly. On August 5, we called a special Board meeting to focus on Measure T, Truckee’s Wildfire Protection Measure. Bill Seline, Truckee Fire Chief, and Paco Lindsay, community activist, walked through a presentation on the Measure and, after a series of questions and considerations, the Board approved the endorsement. 

This comes at a time when our community is surrounded by wildfires causing smoky skies, hazardous air quality and a serious threat of power outages or evacuation. Over the past four years of Forest Futures programming, we have been educating ourselves on forest health and convening with a diverse group of experts to identify sustainable solutions to protect the Sierra Nevada. We recognize that we are fortunate that things are not worse for the Tahoe Truckee community, but we must act now to mitigate our risk of catastrophic wildfire.

Our reputation as neutral conveners is a source of pride in that we know our mission provides safe harbor to community members from all walks of life and different political persuasions. However, there comes a time when the alignment and will of the community, along with the urgent need to take action and mobilize resources require taking a stand. We understand that an incremental tax is an expense that many community members cannot afford, but we are confident in the fiscal oversight and exemptions laid out for low-income residents.

As TTCF looks forward to accelerating the solutions around our forest, we are committed to a bold strategy that will impact our region in a systematic way. We are proud to show our support for Measure T and we encourage our community members and network to consider doing the same. It will take all of our attention and energy to face the current climate realities of our time.

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