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Grantee Spotlight: A tiny house on wheels to call their own

Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation
Published on June 27, 2019


Just in time to celebrate its 50th summer, the Community of Writers is happy to share the story of its Paul Radin Memorial Dream Wagon. Just ten feet wide and mobile, the Dream Wagon acts as offices, a bookstore, and a stage for performers. TTCF is proud to have helped with funding to bring the Dream Wagon to completion.

Even if you consider yourself deeply familiar with iconic Olympic Valley, you may not know much about the weeks of summer workshops the Community of Writers hosts. For 49 summers, in fact, the nonprofit organization has helped writers in refining their craft “and thus, in an atmosphere of camaraderie and mutual support, moving them closer to achieving their goals.” 

The workshops bring together poets and prose writers in workshops, individual conferences, lectures, panels, readings, and discussions. With a backdrop that is sure to inspire awe, writers dive into both the craft and business of writing. For years now, the Community of Writers has been in need of more space: to head quarter, to sell books, and to act as a stage. Last summer, it debuted the Dream Wagon. Although the wagon wasn’t yet complete, the response was overwhelmingly positive. 

The majority of the funding was provided by the family of Paul Radin in his memory. Paul Radin was a longtime friend of the Community, an early guest who attended the summer poetry and fiction workshops. Born in Boston, Mr. Radin lived on the Truckee River and as close to Nature as possible. 

Legendary was Radin’s arrival one summer on horseback, wearing his trademark flat-brimmed hat and western boots.  We all remember his dramatic entrance with white horse and enjoyed his recollections of the seminal years of the Conference. (Excerpt taken from Community of Writers’ blog here). 

Thanks to the contributions of Paul Radin’s family as well as the donations, labor, advice, and materials of other community members, attendees of the 50th Anniversary of the Writers Workshops will be able to enjoy the Dream Wagon!

“TTCF is grateful to the Community of Writers for nurturing the skills and careers of local and visiting writers. Our community has so many dimensions and our local arts and culture field is burgeoning. We want to attract artists of every discipline to make of our mountains a home and a muse, and TTCF seeks to support the nonprofits that cultivate their presence here,” Phyllis McConn, TTCF Community Impact Officer. 

Learn more and sign up for July events here