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Community Response Framework – March 2021

Response & Recovery

In March of 2020, after the Shelter in Place order went into effect, TTCF opened the Emergency Response Fund (ERF) to assist our nonprofits directly helping those in the community most affected by COVID-19. Our first two rounds of grants, in April and May, were focused on helping core safety-net organizations build critical business infrastructure to move operations virtually and provide direct aid for community members. The third round, between July and October, was distributed to the broader nonprofit community that felt the impact of the crisis due to a loss in fundraising capabilities, increase in business expenses to support virtual efforts and COVID safety protocols, etc.

Emergency Response Fund ($795,000)

As almost one year has passed from opening the ERF, we have decided it would be most beneficial to add an additional framework to include the “recovery” phase. We know that our nonprofits and community members are still struggling and there is still a need for emergency response, however we need to also begin to look ahead toward recovery. This additional framework will ensure that we are focused on the right priorities for TTCF grantmaking and donor activities.

Community Recovery Focus:

  • Nonprofit & Safety Net Business Infrastructure
  • Disaster Preparedness Supports
  • Aligned & Leveraged Funding
  • Community Building for Resilience and Equity

Emergency Response

Our Safety Nets are Stretched and Strained…

  • Increased volume of services = increased demand for fundraising, data tracking and effective communications
  • Staff fluctuations due to illness or quarantine protocols
  • Struggle with childcare and school 
  • Personal health and safety
  • Heightened anxiety

Community members need direct aid…

  • Cumulative effects of trauma
  • High needs for rental assistance, utility assistance, food security and mental health supports are imperative
  • One-time support vs. long term

Community Recovery

Nonprofit & Safety Net Business Infrastructure:

  • Workforce safety supplies and protocols 
  • Data management and reporting
  • New employer strategies 
  • Leadership and professional development for diversity, equity & inclusion
  • Tools and equipment

Disaster Preparedness Supports:

  • COVID-19 is not the last disaster our community will face
  • Focus on a realistic and true recovery timeline
  • Advocate to ensure that the needs of our most vulnerable community members are met
  • Support communications and ongoing programming

As we begin to look ahead for opportunities to reconnect, TTCF continues to focus on supporting the most urgent needs of the community while also building resiliency for our safety net.

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