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Queen of Hearts Women’s Fund

The DreamQoH Join Button

In February 2006, women who love the North Tahoe – Truckee region came together with a similar dream. Our goal to attract 1,000 community-minded women to donate $1,000 each to raise $1 million within a single year was not only met, but exceeded. Queen of Hearts supporters came together to share a purpose, to make a bigger impact collectively than we could individually. And it has worked. To date, with over 1200 supporters, supporters have raised more than $1.3 million and granted over $691,518!

The Joy of Generosity

To celebrate the Queen of Hearts Women’s Fund ten year anniversary in 2016,  the Joy of Generosity Campaign focused on:

  • Inspiring women to join together and make their voices heard for the community
  • Deploying our unique and invaluable skill sets and talents through volunteer opportunities
  • Training women to take Board positions in our community through TTCF’s Board Governance Training Series
  • Increasing our impact by growing our endowment and grant making funds

What’s next for the Queen of Hearts Women’s Fund?

The Women’s Fund is poised to grow with the goal of engaging the next generation of women philanthropists, create larger, more impactful annual grant cycles by growing our endowment and deploy our talents and skill set through volunteer opportunities.

Community Impact

The Queen of Hearts Women’s Fund aligns its grantmaking with four areas of impact in order to best serve the collective interests of its membership and the needs of the region. Read our stories of impact to learn more about out grant history. See a list of all our grants.

Investing in Innovation

In 2012, Queen of Hearts supporters saw an opportunity to change the lives of our community’s youth and signed up to support a three-year initiative to bring the award-winning program, Aim High to our community. The goal of our $75,000 seed funding commitment was to join other funders in helping the program become self- sustainable and five years later, it is.

Girls Giving Back

Girls Giving Back (GGB) is a youth philanthropy project of the Queen of Hearts Women’s Fund (QoH) that began in 2014 when many young Queen of Hearts supporters demonstrated passionate community commitment. To date, GGB has completed four annual grant cycles and awarded $10,000 into regional youth projects. The greatest accomplishment has been the maturation and empowerment of our youngest generation of philanthropists. Learn more about GGB here.

 Stay Engaged!

If you’re already a supporter of the Queen of Hearts Women’s Fund, there are lots of ways to stay engaged.

  • Inspire your friends, family, and professional network to get involved by sharing the Joy of Generosity pamphlet or bringing them to an event.
  • Become a Sustaining Donor by making an annual donation to help us grow our grantmaking and community impact.
  • Attend annual donor events such as the GEMS Grant Showcase and vote for grant recipients! 
  • Volunteer through www.givebacktahoe.org which currently has over 80 volunteer opportunities in our region. You can even organize a group of fellow supporters to join you!
  • Sign up for our newsletter to stay connected and learn about events, grants and the impact we have in our community.
  • Connect on social media to stay connected with other like-minded women, up to date on small events and volunteer for upcoming opportunities.

Are you ready to support the Queen of Hearts Women’s Fund? Join Now!   As one, we are strong- together we are powerful. Join us as we build on the past to strengthen our future.

 Download a PDF version of the brochure to share with friends by clicking here.