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Board Training Series

Creating Community Change through Skilled Leadership: A Four-Part Nonprofit Board Training Series



The 2019 Board Training Series was one of our most successful to date. 45 people participated in the series to represent a total of  20 nonprofits in our community. 10 participants were volunteers who are ready to being serving in our region— ensuring that the next generation of future leaders is already coming to the table with skills to make their nonprofits stronger.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the series for your engaging conversation and questions. And a special thanks goes to all of the experienced board members who served on our expert panels in each session! We look forward to doing it again!

Series Overview

Behind every successful nonprofit sits a strong and productive board of directors.  The role of board member is one of the most influential volunteer positions in the nonprofit community, and an opportunity to serve a mission to which one is truly dedicated. If you are ready to create positive change in your community and step into a role of leadership, this series gives you the necessary tools and knowledge to do so with confidence.

This four part series on board governance prepares you with the tools and knowledge you need to be able to create real change in your community. If you are ready to step out from the sidelines and into a role of community leadership, this workshop series is for you. If you are already a board member and want to hone your skillset, this series will give you resources and networking opportunities that will strengthen your board service.

We approach the breadth of board governance information by blending several resources and interweaving the most valuable pieces into four (4) workshops. Workshops are delivered in three parts:  Theory, Practice, and Interactive Application.

Community members identified as experts in Nonprofit Boards participate as panelists. Panels are unique to each topic, and the experts are chosen based on their particular breadth of experience.  The workshops are organized under four topics:

Board Training Series

Module 1: Board Responsibility and Board Culture – Learn exactly what responsibilities you take on as a board member and how to co-create a powerful and engaged board of directors.

Module 2:  Financial Stewardship and Legal Compliance – Ensure nonprofit dollars advance the mission. Includes a dive into oversight and fiduciary responsibilities.

Module 3:  Strategic Planning and Evaluation – Learn how to approach the scope of your organization’s work by establishing and adapting a strategic plan.

Module 4:  Fundraising 101 – Receive an overview on the basics of fundraising and how to raise the dollars necessary for nonprofit organizations to achieve their objectives and hit their funding goals. Learn how to form and deliver a request that aligns with potential and existing donors.

**Please contact Emily Vitas at emily@ttcf.net for more information.

History of the Series

When Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation (TTCF) asks our local nonprofit organizations: “What do you need more than money?” Their response is always two-fold: Volunteer Recruitment, which TTCF answers through Give Back Tahoe’s online volunteer module, and Board Leadership. In October 2015, TTCF responded to this need by developing and delivering a four-part workshop series on Board Governance.

TTCF had successfully facilitated similar workshops in the past, but this time approached the topic of Board Governance as a series that specifically targeted board members in our community.  We worked with executive directors throughout the process of crafting and promoting the series, asking for their feedback to assess our assumption on several elements.  At series end, each executive director receives the resources from workshops their board member(s) attended.

TTCF has delivered the series three times and trained over 100 board members in the North Tahoe – Truckee community.

TTCF is happy to create an opportunity for leadership development for those in our community members who take on the responsibility of serving on a local board of directors. For 2018 we are requesting that attendees participate with a “Pay What You Can” sliding scale fee. This helps ensure that we are able to offer the series to all interested community members.


“TTCF’s Board Training Series was a phenomenal community-building experience. I connected deeply with my classmates and TTCF’s mission, receiving the skill-set needed to be a proactive and skilled Board Member. I learned so much more than I expected and by talking with my classmates, I was blown away by how much TTCF does in our region.

Since the series, I became a Board Member for the Kiwanis Club of North Lake Tahoe, and am applying the training and knowledge I learned to be the best advocate I can be for my organization.”  – Katherina Haug, Realtor and 2017 Graduate

“Of course it was valuable to new board members, but for those with more years of experience it was a reminder of elements of good board practices, and presented new perspectives and processes so essential to keeping up with the changing nonprofit world.  The panels were particularly valuable. Nothing can beat hearing pearls of wisdom from people you respect and admire.  TTCF found a need and filled it, and we are a stronger nonprofit community for their efforts.” -Janet Zipser Zipkin, a seasoned board member who previously sat on the Truckee Donner Land Trust and currently serves on the Truckee River Watershed Council board

” As a founder of a new small nonprofit, the tools given to me during this series are instrumental in growing our charity. I would recommend these classes to anyone interested in pursuing nonprofit service. The exposure to other local nonprofits as well as networking with professionals was particularly helpful.” -John Botto, 10th Mountain Healing and 2017 Graduate

“This has been an excellent series albeit overwhelming with the amount of information I am processing after each workshop. As a board chair, I feel like I have some tools now to be a more effective leader. Having someone else on the board at each session has been important. Thank you!” -Attendee