2018 Give Back Tahoe Giving Season

November 27th-December 31st, give back to the place you love! The Give Back Tahoe Giving Season is the perfect opportunity to learn about causes and nonprofits that help make North Tahoe-Truckee an extraordinary place to play, live, and visit. Visit www.givebacktahoe.org to give now!

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Give Back Tahoe Giving Season raises over half a million dollars for local nonprofits!

The Give Back Tahoe Giving Season helped infuse $501,820 into the North Tahoe – Truckee community. Give Back Tahoe measures the impact that is possible when our community members give locally to the nonprofits that make this region such an amazing place to live and play. In four years, we’ve raised over $1.36 million thanks to you!

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Rural Community Seeks Your Support

When rural communities receive only six percent of philanthropic funding nationwide, where are small towns to turn? In North Tahoe – Truckee, we rely on a committed nonprofit community and the donations of those who seek to protect and nurture this way of life.

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Making philanthropy a family affair

When it comes to giving back to your community, invite your children into the conversation and empower them to use their voice for social good. Here are ways that North Tahoe – Truckee families pass on the torch of community engagement to their youngest generations.

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$42,000 and counting towards Give Back Tahoe Giving Guide nonprofits!

On #GivingTuesday, our community raised nearly $40,000 for nonprofits participating in the Give Back Tahoe Giving Guide!! With every donation of $25 or more, nonprofits get closer to winning thousands of dollars in TTCF Challenge Grants! Donate at www.givebacktahoe.org.

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How unlike-minded people will change the world

When people with different life experiences, perspectives, and areas of expertise come together in a collaborative atmosphere, they can change the world. How we can apply a study in team productivity to the way our community works together to solve regional needs.

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Christy Curtis, TTCF Business Supporter, cultivates community

Christy Curtis is a Tahoe – Truckee real estate professional whose longtime love of her tight-knit community is clear. A lifelong volunteer and board member of several local organizations, Christy believes in giving back. To welcome new homeowners into their mountain community and help them connect with their philanthropic interests, Christy joined TTCF’s Business Supporter Program.

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TTCF’s new consolidated grants process and common application: $370,000 available to grant

TTCF simplifies and streamlines our grant cycles to one annual consolidated grant cycle with $370,000 on the table for local nonprofits in 2016. The common application will be open from August 1 – August 31st, and we ask nonprofits to sign up for a July information session.

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TTCF Announces a Housing Solutions Fund

After an unprecedented collaboration between private and public entities to facilitate the 2016 Regional Housing Study, what happens now? TTCF is proud to announce that it has started a Housing Solutions Fund to attract dollars towards solving North Tahoe – Truckee housing issues.

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Guide for Giving Raises More than $355,000 for Local Nonprofits!

From December 1st – December 31st, North Tahoe and Truckee visitors and residents rallied their dollars and support for local nonprofit organizations. Through the Give Back Tahoe Guide for Giving, local nonprofits and their donors enthusiastically sought to earn Challenge Grants and match donor dollars. What happened next was pretty amazing.

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