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Safety Net Update

Community Collaborative partners are dedicated to providing affordable housing, health care, nourishing food, affordable and quality childcare, and mental health support for all of our community members. Take a look at all the incredible things they have accomplished in our recent Safety Net Update.

We match generous people with great ideas

Since 1998, we’ve worked closely with our community to identify and meet regional needs. We raise our voices together and find creative ways to make a big difference. TTCF matches donors, nonprofits, and community leaders who are passionate about the same causes. We also invest in Tahoe-Truckee through grants, scholarships, training, impact investments, and more.

Food insecurity has not waned since it surged amid the COVID-19 pandemic and our safety net partners are working hard to ensure that no one goes hungry. Learn more in our recent Safety Net Update:

TTCF creates unparalleled and integrated community services, develops creative and impactful giving programs, and creates numerous outreach programs to touch SO many here in Tahoe-Truckee.

Alison and Desmond Elder
Elder Group Tahoe