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In it Together

While Tahoe Truckee is known for its beautiful landscape and endless recreation, many local residents are facing significant mental health challenges. Between limited resources, economic instability, and the fear of speaking up, they are often not getting the help that they need. By coming together as a community we can pool resources, reduce stigma and implement programs to make our community healthier. Learn more.

We match generous people with great ideas

Since 1998, we’ve worked closely with our community to identify and meet regional needs. We raise our voices together and find creative ways to make a big difference. TTCF matches donors, nonprofits, and community leaders who are passionate about the same causes. We also invest in Tahoe-Truckee through grants, scholarships, training, impact investments, and more.

Over the next five years, forestry management occupations are projected to have 200+ annual job openings in the greater Sacramento region alone. Check out this article on Forest Futures grant funding @LakeTahoeCC received to offset equipment purchases:

TTCF creates unparalleled and integrated community services, develops creative and impactful giving programs, and creates numerous outreach programs to touch SO many here in Tahoe-Truckee.

Alison and Desmond Elder
Elder Group Tahoe