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Mountain Area Preservation

Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation
Published on July 22, 2013


Over the last 15 years, TTCF and our donors have distributed more than $65,000 Mountain Area Preservation. In addition, a gift in honor of our legacy donor, Stefanie Olivieri, has been given in celebration of TTCF’s 15 Year Anniversary.

Through collaborations with like-minded conservation organizations, local agencies, developers and land trust partners, MAP dedicates time and energy on many campaigns to protect open space. In addition to their collaborative work, they educate the community on the importance of habitat conservation and environmental stewardship in the region. MAP is consistently at the table with developers and local agencies reviewing development proposals and regional environmental policies to better advocate for sound land use planning in the region.


MAP is the only organization of its kind based in Truckee, providing a voice for appropriate land use planning, open space preservation and smart growth . MAP believes that a balance can exist between responsible development and maintaining undeveloped areas for everyone to enjoy. MAP’s work is broad and varied and highlights the importance of working in a collective manner to achieve wide reaching goals. Through mindful decision-making, MAP’s efforts will result in the preservation of Truckee’s community character, a healthy eco-system, accessible landscapes and development that enhances our lives without negative impacts.

Mountain Area Preservation (MAP) has represented the Truckee region since 1987. Their mission is to preserve the Truckee region’s community character and the natural environment for present and future generations.