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While Tahoe Truckee is known for its beautiful landscape and endless recreation, many local residents are facing significant mental health challenges. Between limited resources, economic instability, and the fear of speaking up, they are often not getting the help that they need. By coming together as a community we can pool resources, reduce stigma and implement programs to make our community healthier. 

The Community Collaborative of Tahoe Truckee (CCTT), a program of TTCF, is dedicated to improving the mental health and well-being of our residents. Through a partnership with the Katz Amsterdam Foundation, CCTT has been collecting and analyzing data to develop a strategic plan that will better our community. Donations to the Community Mental Health Fund will help put this plan into action.

Watch the Video

Thank you to our video interviewees:

Alison Schwedner, CCTT Director

Alondra Delgadillo, Sierra Community House Family Support Manager

Christopher Old, Sierra College Counselor and Psychology Instructor

Julianna Martin, Truckee High School Student

Michelle Parker, Professional Big Mountain Skier

Key Findings

⅓ of residents reported needing mental health services

47% of residents say they have experienced 3 or more poor mental health days in the past month

Housing is the #1 challenge to mental health and well-being in our community

Living in a rural mountain town comes with stressors that can negatively impact the mental health of our community members. Additionally, we do not have as many resources here as more urban areas which leaves many residents without the services they need. This data has helped CCTT identify creative solutions to fill the gaps and determine the steps to take for the greatest impact. All donations to our Community Mental Health Fund will provide us the flexible funding to implement solutions to address the health needs of our Tahoe Truckee people.

Alison Schwedner
CCTT Director