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TTCF staff and board honored

Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation
Published on March 30, 2015

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Upon hearing North Lake Tahoe Resort Association’s nominations for their 61st Annual Community Awards, TTCF was honored to learn that we were in the running for Nonprofit of the Year.  No one goes into the nonprofit sector for the fame and fortune, it is for love of the work and, in the case of a community foundation, love and pride of place and people.  Being recognized by our community is a major honor, and we are grateful for the nomination.

We are happy to share that while we did not receive the award, the North Lake Tahoe-Truckee Leadership Program did! Since 2004, the Leadership Program has graduated more than 240 leaders with the leadership concepts, confidence and tools necessary to navigate the organizations and institutions of our particular community.  Shaping leaders through professional and academic guidance, the program engages individuals from different backgrounds and the professional staff of many local businesses and NPOs.  Recognizing the alignment of our missions, TTCF is the fiscal sponsor of the Leadership Program.

A TTCF Board member, Wally Auerbach, was also presented with a wonderful award: Distinguished Community Service!  We are so fortunate to have board members, past and present, that are truly dedicated to their services with TTCF and their philanthropic passions throughout the local, regional, and national community.

Before the evening was done, we had another very special honor bestowed upon our offices.  Stacy Caldwell, TTCF CEO, was awarded Citizen of the Year.  Anyone who saw her speech could see the surprise in her face and hear the humble gratitude in her voice as she recognized the great company she kept amidst the other nominees.

In her speech, Stacy spoke a simple truth about a Community Foundation: it is our partners who are committed to North Tahoe-Truckee that are amazing and deserve recognition, and we are the fortunate ones who get to connect their passions, promote their causes and cheer them on.

So thank you for honors- for the Community Awards, but, most importantly, for the honor of serving you.