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Supporting our Youth, Together – $264,250 in Scholarships

Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation
Published on June 22, 2017

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Knowing it would mean missing her own high school graduation, Hailey finished school early so she could teach in a remote village in Nepal for four months before starting University.

Emma has a growing interest in politics and a deep desire to advocate “for everyone to be on equal standing in a world that has, for hundreds of years, advocated against their humanity so that no one has to be scared of who they are anymore.”

When Isela couldn’t coax her friends into volunteering with her, she went by herself. She says that through volunteering, she found herself and now wants to pay it forward.

Freddy, the first person in his family to graduate high school, is pursuing cinematography and has already been mentored by current National Geographic, Telemundo, BBC, and History Channel cinematographers.

These are just a few of the scholarship recipients that we can all proudly call a part of our community. Once again, this year’s scholarship applications and essays swept through our offices exposing the perseverance, kindness, intelligence, and unique personalities of our local young people. These kids speak of the parents, teachers, educational staff, nonprofit and youth programs, coaches and instructors who have changed the course of their lives. It’s undeniably one of the best times of year when we are able to see just how well our mountain village is doing in the raising of our children.

We are happy to announce that twenty-six graduating seniors received a total of  $114,000 in TTCF facilitated scholarships. This year was even more exciting thanks to the generosity of TTCF’s Board of Directors, aligned donors, and collaborative partners who worked together so TTCF could secure a three year subscription to AwardSpring software. The entire scholarship process was streamlined to make it easier for students, review committees, and administrators and we reached more young people than ever before.

Here are some of the numbers:

  • 120 total applicants (over twice as many as TTCF saw last year)
  • $114,000 – TTCF facilitated scholarships
  • $264,250 – total scholarships awarded through participating partners
  • 27 first generation college students
  • 18 first generation high school graduates

Some of our scholarship recipients.

Scholarships are all thanks to the generosity of you –  our donors, scholarship administrators, and grants committee volunteers. If you are interested in supporting our young neighbors please consider Donating Now and indicating the TTCF Community Scholarship Grant Fund. You may also donate an existing scholarship on the TTCF Scholarships page.  Call or email Phyllis McConn, Community Impact Officer at, to discuss it more in depth. TTCF (530) 587-1776.