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$566,510 Awarded to 109 Local High School Graduates!

Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation
Published on May 30, 2018

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TTCF is happy to celebrate with our donors and friends our most generous scholarship season to date!  Many of the scholarship recipients are the first students we have seen go through programs like Adventure Risk Challenge, Aim High, La Fuerza Latina, and similar youth development programs. It’s remarkable to watch children become successful young adults through our community’s commitment to providing a broad spectrum of programming getting them ready for college and for life. This is a scholarship season of which our community should be proud.

We began the scholarship process with more funders at the table initially, and through a call to donors – you helped us raise an additional $28,500 in just three days! We are blown away at your generosity and grateful to be a part of this community.




2018 Scholarship Highlights:

  • Total awarded so far*: $566,510
  • Total funds awarded through TTCF: $263,500 (over twice as much as last year!)
  • Scholarships range from $1,000 to $60,000
  • 109 Recipients
  • 48 First-generation college Students

In some cases, these scholarships are the boost that makes it possible for students to afford their dream universities; in others, the community support has bolstered students’ confidence to fully step into their potential. With ever-increasing tuition costs, and less financial aid available than previous years, scholarships are more important than ever for the future of our young people.  Scholarships facilitated by TTCF’s volunteer grants committee range from $1,000 to $30,000 per student.

“A visiting principal from a much larger district shared that, in comparison, their scholarships  total $25,000 in community scholarships, typically with $150-250 awards, sat in stunned amazement when I informed him of the immense support our TTCF community provides local kids.   I feel very, very grateful to our community philanthropists who prioritize the future of our scholars!”

Craig Rowe, PhD
Instructor, Truckee High School
Director, La Fuerza Latina



*As of publication of this article, there are four remaining committees to meet and award their scholarships.

In 2017, the generosity and collaboration of TTCF’s Board of Directors, aligned donors, and collaborative partners secured a three-year subscription to AwardSpring software. This streamlined the scholarship process for students, review committees, and administrators so that more young people were able to successfully apply for more scholarships. In 2018, we have seen even greater awareness of our student’s needs which correlates to more available funding. Thank you! If you are interested in supporting our young neighbors please consider Donating Now and indicating the TTCF Community Scholarship Grant Fund. You may also donate an existing scholarship on the TTCF Scholarships page.  Call or email Phyllis McConn, Community Impact Officer at, to discuss it more in depth. TTCF (530) 587-1776