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70 Local Scholarships, Application Deadline April 3, 2017

Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation
Published on March 28, 2017

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Application deadline: April 3, 2017

Apply Now (hint: hit “submit” early to make sure you qualify for all eligible scholarships)

Thanks to the generosity of TTCF’s Board of Directors, aligned donors, and the collaborative nature of our community partners, TTCF has secured a three year subscription to the software AwardSpring. AwardSpring streamlines the entire scholarship process from application through administration to make it easier for students, review committees, and administrators. 

Over 60 local scholarships have already been uploaded to AwardSpring with the total funding equal to over $240,000 and counting. To be considered for most scholarships, all that is required is the submission of a single common application. In real time, the software reviews the student’s application, determines eligibility, and prompts them to provide any supplemental materials for scholarships that require more information. 

When a student logs on to AwardSpring, they can also learn more about each scholarship. Donors and scholarship facilitators have a space to share the story behind the scholarship or to honor a person being memorialized. Because behind every scholarship, there is a story worth telling.

“In prior years, students were filling out the same information over and over again to apply to many different scholarships. It was common for students to miss out on scholarships simply because they weren’t aware of them, missed a deadline, or didn’t provide all of the required paper work. It was frustrating for students and for the review committees. This streamlined process gives all kids a chance to achieve their dreams with the help of community scholarships.” -Phyllis McConn, TTCF Community Impact Officer

More information on scholarships or donating to a TTCF facilitated scholarship: or (530) 587-1776

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