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Fund Administration

Fund Administration

Since our establishment in 1998, TTCF has responsibly managed the philanthropic contributions of thousands of donors.  An important priority for us is the balance between long-term investment strategies which guarantee a charitable dollars in perpetuity, and the maximization of funds available today so that we can steward resources into our community now.

Investment Philosophy

The Foundation’s Investments Committee, comprised of Foundation Board Members and volunteers with investment and financial expertise, is responsible for all aspects of investment activities, including investment policy, asset allocation, and performance review.  This committee holds the Foundation’s approved investment managers to the highest standards of ethical behavior and professional performance.

The Foundation diversifies asset allocation and commits to a total return investment philosophy, including a 3.75% spending policy, to ensure the ongoing viability of funds. Any additional investment return is added to the principal, thus combating inflation, overcoming down markets, and growing endowments for the benefit of grantees.

Spending Policy

TTCF applies a total return spending policy for its endowments.  Funds are invested for maximum total return (within board approved asset allocation policy), without distinction between income and capital gains.

The market value of the fund is measured over the past 12 quarters, and currently 3.75% of the average of those values is made available for grants.  If a fund is too new to have been invested for 12 quarters, calculations are made based on the history of the fund.

Advised Fund Guidelines

TTCF holds endowed and non endowed donor advised funds, allowing donors to support the issues and organizations that they care about.  All Funds require a minimum balance of $10,000.

Grant Recommendations

  • There is no limit on the number of grant recommendations an advisor can make from his or her fund.
  • Grants may be recommended online, by mail, or by fax.
  • Donor advisors may recommend distributions from the fund if they are consistent with the charitable purposes of the Foundation.  The Foundation will consider and evaluate all recommendations.  Such recommendations will be solely advisory, and the Foundation is not bound by such recommendations.
  • Grant recommendations will be paid for 7 business days from request.
  • As a donor’s company policy allows, grant recommendations may include corporate matching gift forms.
  • Recipient organizations must either be recognized as exempt public charities under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or be religious organizations, educational institutions, nonprofit hospitals and medical research organizations, or governmental entities.  (Private foundations are not eligible for donor-advised grants.)

Grant recommendations cannot be approved for these reasons

  • If the donor or designee is entitled to a material benefit from the organization (such as athletic booster club benefits, dinners or other special events)
  • Pledges or other legally-binding financial obligations
  • Political campaigns or lobbying activities
  • To support a specific person or family, including assistance with scholarships, humanitarian efforts, salaries or bills, or to assist specific persons following a catastrophic event, accident or injury

Fees: Foundation Support Fee Schedule

Investment Returns: TTCF’s Investments performance reports are compiled quarterly.  Please contact us for the latest report.

For more information on fund administration at the Foundation, just call 530.587.1776. We’re happy to help!