PRESS RELEASE: Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation Deploys $260,000 of COVID-19 Emergency Response Funds

Today, the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation is announcing the distribution of $260,000 from the TTCF Emergency Response Fund into the community. These initial funds will support key nonprofits in stabilizing their operations during this turbulent time and scaling their direct service programming to meet an exponentially growing need.

April 3, 2020 in Nonprofits by

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Tahoe Truckee Responds to COVID-19

This has been a big week for philanthropic support of our region. We are excited to announce that the Katz Amsterdam Foundation, a long time philanthropic partner of the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation (TTCF), has announced a $100,000 gift to the TTCF Emergency Response Fund. This gift essentially doubles the dollars in the fund, putting us at $225,000 in funds that will be distributed to our community!

March 31, 2020 in Nonprofits by

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Emergency Community Resources

Community Resources are available for those who need them. Please read for updates on local food distribution, emergency shelter, senior services, business services, and more.

March 17, 2020 in Nonprofits by

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You helped raise over $380,000 through the 2019 Give Back Tahoe Giving Season!

The results are in!!! 50 hardworking nonprofits shared their missions and goals with our community- and you responded! This place matters- and so does your contribution. When we give together, we can measure the power of community.

January 21, 2020 in Give Back Tahoe, News & Research, Nonprofits by

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2019 Grant Cycle awards $365,000 to local nonprofits

TTCF is happy to celebrate the hard work of our nonprofits through our annual grantmaking cycle. We are also proud to offer, with our funding partners, grant opportunities that focus on strengthening their organizations.

December 21, 2019 in Grantmaking, Nonprofits by

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Grantee Spotlight: Headwaters Science Institute receives accolades

Headwaters Science Institute has been steadily knocking off achievements locally and nationwide. This nonprofit is truly connected to its mission, and doing everything it can to reach and inform more young world citizens.

July 25, 2019 in Nonprofits by

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Grantee Spotlight: A tiny house on wheels to call their own

The Community of Writers at Squaw Valley is celebrating the construction of the Paul Radin Memorial Dream Wagon. TTCF is proud to have helped fund this mobile tiny house which serves as bookstore, stage, and offices to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Squaw Valley’s Writers Conference.

June 27, 2019 in Nonprofits by

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Why Four Local Nonprofits are Consolidating

Crisis rarely happens in only one aspect of a person or family’s life. How do we, as a community, step up to ensure that all our residents receive access to the help they need?

May 30, 2019 in News & Research, Nonprofits by

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A Creative, Collaborative Vision for Delivering Mental Health Services

In one of the world’s most beautiful places, our heavenly seclusion is also the cause of difficult challenges. Accessing mental health care is one of these challenges as we lack the services and funding available in more densely populated areas. So when CA residents passed the Mental Health Services Act, Placer County and TTCF began collaborating on how our creative and nimble local nonprofits can provide for our residents together.

August 31, 2018 in Grantmaking, Nonprofits by

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Give Back Tahoe Giving Season raises over half a million dollars for local nonprofits!

The Give Back Tahoe Giving Season helped infuse $501,820 into the North Tahoe – Truckee community. Give Back Tahoe measures the impact that is possible when our community members give locally to the nonprofits that make this region such an amazing place to live and play. In four years, we’ve raised over $1.36 million thanks to you!

January 24, 2018 in Give Back Tahoe, Nonprofits by

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