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Regional Housing Solutions

Accelerating Housing Solutions

Community Housing Event 
April 29, 2017  8:00 am-11:00 am
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For the last eighteen months, North Tahoe – Truckee has been focused on identifying our regional housing issues and potential solutions. Stakeholders from across the region, representing individuals, businesses, and public agencies, have supported and engaged in this work; community members and families have shared their stories to inform the realities of those who live here. The 2016 Regional Housing Study was truly a community undertaking. Now, provided with a framework and recommendations to move forward, our community is ready to work together to accelerate solutions.

On Saturday, April 29th, community partners come together for the first time as the Mountain Housing Council of Tahoe Truckee. The Mountain Housing Council will be celebrating the efforts we have undergone thus far as a community, and will be co-creating a regional housing agenda that will guide local leaders towards making measurable impact. The event is an opportunity to make public the commitments of local stakeholders and to involve our community members in the short and long-term vision of creatively solving our housing issues.

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2016 Regional Housing Study

Housing Study Now Available

The Regional Housing Study has been completed. We are extremely grateful to our resource, community outreach, and our media partners for making this possible through your time and commitment to this project and region. We also want to thank the thousands of community members who participated in public forums, workforce surveys, and focus groups, in addition to those of you who shared your personal housing stories. This has been an immense undertaking by all of North Tahoe – Truckee, as well as our consultants bae area urban economics, and we are happy to share with you all the final Housing Study presentation below.

The Final Housing Study Presentation is over 400 pages and includes the Executive Summary, which you can also view as a separate document. The breadth of the Study includes an assessment of current workforce and tourism trends, the housing market, housing policies, and assistance programs. The document then shares case studies of our sister mountain destination communities, local upcoming housing proposals, and future workforce demand estimates. bae urban economics completes the study with suggestions of program and policy solutions that could help our region solve our complex housing needs.

Community Voices

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Study History and Introduction

Accommodating the housing needs of a resort community with evolving demographics through times of financial uncertainly has been a substantial challenge for the Truckee North Lake Tahoe region, as it has been in other communities.  A variety of efforts have informed the separate housing elements of the Placer County, Nevada County and the Town of Truckee General Plans, but all agree that a regional baseline must be established in order to implement strategies supporting all Truckee and North Lake Tahoe communities.

In November 2014, the Community Collaborative of Tahoe Truckee hosted a housing conversation, moving local leaders to fund and plan a regional study.  By Fall 2015, funding coalesced under the guidance of the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation. BAE Urban Economics was engaged to analyze the regional workforce housing market.  To understand the whole picture of our region’s housing issues, TTCF brought in outreach partners to collect, record and share the unique perspective of our residents, front line workers and community leaders.  This community outreach portion of the Project will lend depth to the BAE’s analysis and proposed strategies.

Resource Partners

The Project is funded by Town of Truckee, Workforce Housing Association of Truckee Tahoe, Nevada County and Placer County.

Core Values

  1. This project is regional in scale.
  2. We believe a regional study will provide a collective baseline for the region to agree and act upon.
  3. The study will represent all aspects of housing issues in the North Lake Tahoe region.
  4. Together we will work to ensure all voices are heard and integrated.
  5. We will keep an eye on solutions and innovations in the study process.

In the Media

TTCF Announces a Housing Solutions Fund – What happens after the study? Partners focus on solutions. (Sierra Sun, 7/7/2016)


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