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Turn drought into opportunity.

Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation
Published on August 5, 2015


The Nature Grant Cycle, a philanthropic fund at Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation, received seventeen grant proposals for an unprecedented funding request total of more than $345,000. To determine which projects get funded, volunteer committee members met with applicants and visited sites for three days- all with extremely impressive and comprehensive plans to make our region better.

These proposals largely represented a regional shift to deliberate collaboration between public entities, nonprofits, independent volunteer groups, and local businesses to create the greatest possible impact. Finding the silver lining in a four year drought, many projects take advantage of low water levels to implement long lasting changes that will affect our environment for generations to come. That is why responding with resources at this time is so important.

One of TTCF’s closest philanthropic partners, Martis Fund, generously offered to match every dollar, up to $100,000, that community members donate to conserve and restore our home, and educate our neighbors and visitors. TTCF and our donors responded with an initial $63,000. That leaves $37,000 left to match, with a potential $74,000 additional dollars after the match!

Through the grant proposals, our volunteer committee members envision the potential to bring our lands and waters into a state of vibrant wellbeing. All of the projects in some way or another cultivate a healthier and safer habitat for our wildlife, as well as enhance outdoor recreation opportunities. Rock-climbers, hikers, older adults, children, kayakers, fishermen, and bikers could all see substantial improvements to their lifestyles and enjoy the knowledge that they helped to create a better home for all of us.

Make our Tahoe dreams come true and create a healthier region for everyone. Donate NOW to help us make our match for the Nature Grant Cycle. Contact Phyllis McConn at or call (530)587-1776 to donate directly to the cause that means the most to you.