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Building Nonprofit Capacity and Uplifting Our Sector

Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation
Published on June 28, 2018

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Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation (TTCF) knows that the more powerful our local nonprofit missions are and the people who serve them, the stronger our community is. For this reason, we are committed to increasing the effectiveness, resilience, and expertise of our local nonprofit sector. Beyond traditional grantmaking, TTCF works closely with our nonprofits, staff members, and their boards of directors, through capacity building, leadership development, technical assistance, and resource connections. This month, we’re celebrating:

  • The completion of the fourth Nonprofit Board Training Series with over 25 board members attending at least one of four workshops
  • 31 staff and board members attending our Fundraising workshop by Network for Good
  • 14 nonprofit professionals finishing up their final projects for the year-long On the Verge Leadership and Personal Development Training

Building Better Boards

In 2015, TTCF developed the four-part Nonprofit Board Training Series in response to a need expressed by our nonprofits for better board governance. Blending the best in board governance resources and interweaving the most valuable pieces, the four workshops prepare individuals with the tools and knowledge necessary to affect real change through board service. So far, we have trained over 120 board members to serve our community better. If you’re interested in attending the 2019 series, please email Ashley Cooper, Communications Manager at

More Effective Fundraising

As part of increasing capacity, TTCF was grateful to offer a two-hour workshop through Network for Good for nonprofit staff. The Fundraising workshop spoke to strategies and tools to reach more donors and retain those who are committed to your mission. Specifically, it addressed how nonprofit staff can inspire board members to actively fundraise. Methods discussed included:

  • Creating a board engagement plan by assessing their personal connection and evaluating their ties to the organization
  • Strenghthening relationships with radical, candid understanding that each member joined for differing reasons and you must speak to each person’s experience and goals
  • Building sustainable programs through board education
  • Framing the need in ways that touch personal motivation and commitment to do something

TTCF partnered with Network for Good as part as an overall strategy for nonprofits who have demonstrated a readiness to take their organization to the next level. So far, the program has been extremely successful for nonprofits who are prepared for the added capacity.

“Knowing that I have a coach helps me stay on track. As a person with a ton of varying responsibilities, the support and help I’m getting from TTCF and Network for Good is just so needed.” – Amy Kelley, Outgoing Executive Director of North Tahoe Family Resource Center.

Professional Development

In August, the second year’s cohort of On the Verge will present their final project:  [dis] connect, a gallery and storytelling exhibit. Over the past year, fourteen leaders from community-based organizations have participated in On the Verge (OTV) as part of their commitment to personal and professional development.

“The On the Verge Leadership model emphasizes the personal, interpersonal and professional development of the participants. We know that working in family strengthening can be stressful and the pay is modest. This model acknowledges that in order to retain talent in this work, we must help emerging leaders develop essential hard skills, fortify their networks of trusted colleagues, and help them grow personally.” – Alison Schwedner, Director of the Community Collaborative of Tahoe Truckee (CCTT), a program of TTCF.

TTCF is proud to fund OTV and support the incredible people who are participating in this program.  Learn more about On the Verge.

We are endlessly inspired by the dedication of our nonprofits to their missions and to our region. It is an honor to help them become stronger, more resilient, and more effective organizations.