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Forest Futures Salon Series

Series Overview

The Forest Futures Salon Series brings together unlike-minded people to engage in productive, timely conversations to fuel innovation. What was previously a closed-door, intimate discussion between experts, has now become virtual, opening the door for professionals from all over the world to participate. While the Series has grown, the initial integrity and candor of the private discussion has remained. 

This year marks our fourth year of hosting the Forest Futures Salon series. We are excited to explore three unique and important tracks: Moving Forest Markets, Our Regional Forests, and Stories of Our Forests. Our mission is to further build community engagement on the issues that affect us most. Our gatherings are open to all, please join us for an inspiring conversation to protect our forests and network with others in the industry. 

*Our Forest Futures Salon Series is on pause for the summer, stay tuned for more updates in the Fall

Series Tracks

Moving Forest Markets – Each year, thousands of tons of forest biomass are burned in piles in the forest – this series is our deep dive into the potential innovations and opportunities to change that. What business model, technology, and industrial innovations are out there which will improve air quality, reduce carbon emissions, and decrease the risk of wildfire in our forests?

Our Regional Forests – Our last salon of 2020 left us with a clear call to action: regional collaboratives with regional interests at heart will drive restoration in our State. This series will explore the regional efforts — from innovative community financing to cross-stakeholder collaborations — that is taking place across the state, and right here in our own backyard. What can we learn and what can we replicate?

Stories of Our Forests – All too often, we focus only on the urgent need to heal our forests without listening and learning from the stories they have to tell. This series will include book talks with authors, guest speakers, and storytellers who have long relationships with the Sierras, film screenings, and community discussions.

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